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Why Choose LA Seismic Construction?

Established by Vahe Karabed and Corky Landers, LA Seismic Construction is a foundation contracting firm specializing in all aspects of the foundation field. Originally founded to address the demand for earthquake retrofitting of brick buildings during the 1980s, LA Seismic Construction has continued to stay at the forefront of the foundation industry, ensuring that Los Angeles structures are legally compliant, as well as our top priority, ensuring the safety of everyone who steps into a building we have worked on.

In addition to maintaining our position as experts in the specialty of Los Angeles earthquake retrofitting, LA Seismic Construction has over the years expanded our services, thanks to numerous requests from satisfied customers, so that we can now say that we have on board experts in foundation, drainage, waterproofing, framing, and concrete. As a result of these skilled experts, we are able to deliver many complex projects involving multiple construction disciplines without the need of any subcontractors.

Our philosophy is to run every project with a personalized, hands-on approach. This means we do not farm out projects to sub-contractors and stamp our name on it, hire salesmen that just shoot out the same proposal to every client, or give you the run around if you want to reach a member of our management team. Our team of experienced construction specialists will ensure that your project will be kept to the same high standards we always maintain, whether your project is a minor repair, or a massive commercial project.


The Team

John (Tag) Fanning

John "Tag" Fanning
VP Sales

Tag is originally from Colorado. A self-described “adventurous soul” and Vietnam veteran of the 173 rd Airborne brigade. He came to us after more than 30 years in historic restoration, and an 8-year stint in the chimney repair industry as a F.I.R.E certified inspector. With his extensive background in the construction industry, we are happy to have Tag as our manager of sales and scheduling. He will be your first point of contact when you call-in, and will continue to be one of your main points of contact throughout the process with updates for you on the progress and scheduling of your project. If you ever have any questions, Tag is just an email or phone call away.

Renato Sebastian

Renato Sebastian
VP Operations

Renato is our VP of Operations, which only begins to tell the story of all the things he does for the company. Renato is our hands on overseer of all aspects of your project, from your initial inspection, through the permitting and planning phase, to the overseeing of the delivery of your project. If he isn’t the one personally delivering those aspects, he is in tight coordination with the experienced employee or employees who are. He is always responsive to any customer questions, and with more than 15 years of experience in structural and foundation work he can answer any questions you may have.

Keith Maurer

Keith Maurer
VP Administration

Keith is a Los Angeles native, and the person behind the scenes at LA Seismic Construction. You may not interact with him much, outside of receiving an invoice from him, but he is constantly working to ensure that all administrative aspects of LA Seismic Construction are functioning optimally, so that the rest of the team can concentrate on delivering to our customers the highest quality service.

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