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Repair Solutions for Your Foundation

Typically, when it comes to Los Angeles foundations, a repair is often the best and most cost-effective solution for your structure. Foundation repair is really a "catch-all" term that covers a wide variety of different services that can address various types of foundational issues.

Your foundation repair starts with the assessment phase which involves inspecting the entirety of your foundation system for major or minor signs of foundation weakness. Often customers can see the first signs (cracks in walls, unevenness in floors, and issues with doors not fitting properly) but your inspector will do a deep dive into the entirety of your structure to assess what the fundamental issues are that need to be addressed.

After a full inspection of your property, your inspector will present you with your foundation repair options. Some scenarios require only one approach, while others may require many. Below are just a few examples of common foundation repair approaches that may be appropriate for your home or commercial structure.

  • Sister foundation: A sister foundation, or sister wall, is a type of reinforcement of your existing foundation which is accomplished by creating a new foundation to sit alongside your current foundation. This is typically done by creating the new foundation adjacent to your old foundation, allowing you to retain the current look of your building. In cases such as historically designated homes, this solution may be required due to the strict measures taken to preserve these important structures.

  • Foundation Underpinning: A foundation underpinning is often the solution when the soil below your foundation has lost some of its ability to support your structure. The solution in this scenario is to excavate under your current foundation footing until a more stable layer of soil is located, and then filling in the emptied area with concrete underpinning pads.

  • Post and beam repairs: As a result of issues such as dry rot and foundational settlement, a post and beam style foundation can require the repair or replacement of some of its piers. If this is the case, it is a matter of shoring your structure, so that the rotted or broken piers can be safely removed, and then reinforcing or replacing those piers with new per code posts and piers.

As you can see, the methods and approaches required for properly repairing your foundation are numerous and varied. At LA Seismic Construction, we ensure that our foremen and inspectors are knowledgeable about all potential foundation repair methods, so that we can provide the correct and most cost-effective solution for your foundation.

If you have noticed signs of potential foundation issues, please give us a call so that we can give you a timely free inspection, before your foundation goes from needing a foundation repair to a foundation replacement.

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