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Seismic Retrofit

As the name implies, a Seismic Retrofit is the procedure of updating an existing home to help ensure it is capable of withstanding a large magnitude earthquake. A retrofit is not a project that can be done with a one-size fits all approach as there are a myriad of factors that determine the best course of action for your retrofit, including age, location, local regulations, and the type of structure, so we always evaluate each home or structure on an individual basis.

While there have been many changes to building codes in the Los Angeles area in regards to seismic retrofitting, the two primary areas of address are anchor bolts and cripple walls. The anchor bolts are literally what bolts your foundation to you house, and over the years the standards of installation, size, and quantity have changed drastically resulting in older homes being without modern per code bolts. Cripple walls are the stud walls that connect the foundation to the first floor of your home in a raised foundation system, and the strength required of your cripple walls has increased markedly over the years. Due to the large number of homes built before the 1994 earthquake that we have now served, retrofitting a home with proper house bolting and cripple wall bracing is so common to us that it is second nature.

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Thankfully for California homeowners, the state has a grant program to help assist with this particular issue called the Earthquake Brace and Bolt program. We receive numerous requests for assistance with homes that fall under the EBB program, so we are highly experienced in dealing with the legal, mechanical, and administrative aspects of this program.

Not only do we know the ins and outs of the EBB program, but as our name implies, we specialize in all aspects of earthquake retrofitting. This includes extensive knowledge of the numerous retrofit approaches, and the varied building codes affecting seismic retrofits throughout California. As a result of the knowledge required for conducting a proper retrofit, we insist on only hiring the finest and most experienced inspectors and foremen.

If you are interested, or required, to have your home assessed for its preparedness for an earthquake, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free inspection of your structure.

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