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Replacing Your Foundation

A foundation replacement is a procedure necessary when your structure’s existing foundation, or a portion of it, has deteriorated past the point of repair. A full foundation replacement is typically not necessary, even in the case of older dwellings, due to the numerous repair options available. However, when a replacement becomes required, either for legal or safety reasons, we work to ensure the process is as smooth, efficient, and economical as possible.

Below is a list containing some of the reasons why a replacement might be necessary:

  • Soil issues
  • Exposure to corrosive elements over an extended period of time, including water.
  • Poor workmanship
  • Low quality materials
  • Usage of materials not intended for foundation work.
  • Disasters

The process of a foundation replacement is probably less disruptive than you may imagine. While you will definitely be aware of our presence during your project, in most cases, moving out of the property is not necessary during a foundation replacement. This is in part due to the precautions we take to ensure that at every stage of your project there is sufficient structural support to safeguard anyone entering or living in the building.

While a replacement might sound like a one size fits all solution, as a result of a myriad of factors including foundation type, topography, regulations, and customer preference, no two foundation replacements are exactly the same, especially when it comes to a Los Angeles foundation replacement.

As with all of our projects, we will give your foundation a through assessment and careful consideration before determining the best foundation replacement solution for your structure, because we know that a foundation replacement must stand the test of time, so taking the necessary time to find the correct solution for your structure is worth your time and ours.

If you’ve noticed any signs of foundational issues, or your home has been without an inspection for many years, please reach out to us for a free inspection.

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